Flight (b)log

Build step 1 – a filling start

It’s finally here, that point where we begin to join plastic parts together. Normally, I’d stick religiously to the instructions and follow the order specified there. So I should have started with the cockpit assembly. This time however, I wanted to try a couple of new(ish) techniques, and so I’ve “jumped” ahead slightly and started…

What lies within

And so for the big moment – opening the box to see exactly what we have to work with. Aside from the required instructions, stencil guide and decal sheet, it’s the copious quantity of plastic that draws the eye. And oh boy, is there a LOT of plastic…… I knew this would be a large…

A return to the workbench

March 2020. A nation goes into lockdown and all of a sudden, spaces around homes become impromptu offices. Life slows down (for most of us) and revolves around a few rooms. This will only last for a few weeks we all said; how little we knew….. A consequence of the slow down is time to…

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